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Web Development.

Web applications are an essential part of today's world and an important bit of the business strategy. We are specialized in developing custom software that is pixel-perfect, high-performing, user-friendly and able to scale with your company. The best: Our software is custom and unique, so almost everything is possible to build! From website to e-commerce and intranet applications, we are happy to help you take the next step to improve your business!

Web App Structure.

- What it takes


The face: The visual, clean and fast client side of a web application


The heart: the sound and secure server side of the web application


The brain: The reliable storage for your relevant data


The place: flexible and scalable through cloud hosting

What we deliver.

Principles that all our products meet to offer the best experience

Scalable & flexible

Maintainable experience

State of the art

Secure products

GDPR compliant

Scalable & flexible

We want to create products with you that are as sustainable and stable as possible. That's why your MVST products can grow with you, your business model and your requirements and ideas. Therefore, all our applications are completely scalable and adaptable.

The process from scratch.

If you expect your application to be as individual as you, user-friendly and beautiful- give us a call. We have many years of experience in creating software that is functional and beautiful at the same time. This is how the process looks like.


Product Definition

This is where our journey begins! At first we are developing the first idea of your desired product. Of course, we are also looking at the visions and goals.

Technology Stack.

A fire product needs outstanding technologies. That's why we rely on state of the art technology and tools that are trustworthy, secure and time-tested.


  • Javascript / Typescript

  • Dart

Frameworks & Libraries

  • NextJS

  • Remix


  • Flutter

  • React Native

  • Vue.js

  • Angular

  • Gatsby

  • Express

Christian Bohner

"Bei der Entwicklung unserer digitalen Nachhilfe-Plattform bidi hat uns MVST bei Konzept, Design und Umsetzung hervorragend unterstΓΌtzt - jetzt finden Eltern, SchΓΌler*innen und Nachhilfelehrer*innen auf bidi.one perfekt zusammen.”

Christian Bohner

Co-Founder & CEO bei Bidi

Products we created with our partners.

– It's a hassle free process at MVST

Nu:lab, Winsen πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ

Nu:lab, Winsen πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ

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