UX/UI Design.

Our designs channel our product values. We believe that the best designs are the ones which are beautiful, flexible, responsive, and most importantly, empathetic. Because we always respond to the special requirements of our customers, each product is truly unique. To guarantee an outstanding design, we lean on real-user insights to create value and impact. All our designs go through an iterative process of extensive experiment and analysis to deliver you and your customers the best possible experience.

UI Design

UX Design

Interaction Design

Design Systems

Design Sprints

Design as a service

The process from scratch.

Ensuring a smooth and productive journey, we follow a certain workflow, which you are part of. This is how we design and create your new product with you.


Understand & Research

At first we want to get to know you and your needs - this is where our journey starts! We will talk about your identity, goals and vision as well as your competitors. Then, we will do a lot of research as well as analysis to fully understand the requirements.

UX Research

Competitive Analysis

Stakeholder Interview

Journey Mapping

Heuristic Evaluation

The tools we work with.

– Simple, state-of-the-art, agile

We want you to be part of the journey, so we provide you access to all files and processes. Through agile methods and interactive, transparent tools, you always have an overview of what we are currently working on. As it is your product we create, we are happy about constant feedback and comments! Mails? We hardly ever write them, since it takes too long. We communicate through Slack! To map out processes and work packages we use Trello, Miro and Notion. As passionate designers, we only use the best of the best. Our design process therefore takes place in Figma and Sketch the best tools on the market.

Design as a Service.

We provide you with our design expertise - flexible like an inhouse team but less expensive!

Reduced Cost

Less expensive than an inhouse design team and fixed days per week

Joined Forces

Shared Slack channels and daily check-ins


Kanban board for tasks and project management

Agile & Flexible

Able to react quickly to changes like an inhouse design team

Dr. Tina Ruseva

“Die MVST GmbH hat unserem Businesskonzept für Mentessa mit ihrer UX Expertise den letzten Schliff verpasst! Die fertige Anwendung ist eine Plattform um Teams und Netzwerke zu verbinden - ganz einfach remote.”

Dr. Tina Ruseva

Gründerin & CEO bei Mentessa

Products we created with our partners.

– It's a hassle free process at MVST

Regio-Jobanzeiger, Munich 🇩🇪

Regio-Jobanzeiger, Munich 🇩🇪

We would love to be your partner.

Let's build a great digital experience together.



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