The Client

ZenML is a Munich based deep tech company. Their goal is to bring Software Development and Machine Learning together. Therefore they built ZenML, to create reproducible Machine Learning pipelines.

The Challenge

ZenML has built highly complex software that can do amazing things. The problem: it was difficult for external users to navigate. That's why ZenML needed an intuitive interface for their product.

Our Solution

In order to integrate the highly complex technical background into a usable application, we were commissioned with the implementation of this platform as well as giving it a beautiful design. So we created a cloud-based application that also allows external developers to create amazing things with machine learning. With a functional design and a self-explanatory user interface we transformed the product in a significant way with our partner.

The Results

The result of our collaboration is an application that makes the complexity of the software tangible and easy to use. There is nothing standing in the way of the comprehensive distribution of the software.

Hamza Tahir

"We want to revolutionise the usability of machine learning with ZenML! For the front-end development, we worked with MVST to ensure the easiest and most intuitive use possible for our users. We are thrilled with the result."

Hamza Tahir

Co-Founder & CTO at ZenML

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