The easy way to prevent heart diseases.

The easy way to prevent heart diseases.

The need.

Reduce heart diseases

Vantis wants to drastically improve the health of the elderly. While digital solutions are being adopted by the older generation. Now we have the power to support them digitally in different ways.

Our solution.

A native app for the elderly

Together with Vantis we created an App for iOS and Android. Not only does the app support to preventatively reduce the risk of high blood pressure it also tracks and monitors their health conditions.

Usability is everything

With a target group that is not used to modern applications. The usability of the app has to be as clear as it can be. To support that we went with a bold design - big buttons and clear text.

React native our weapon

With a higher portion of the elderly generation using Android devices. We developed the application in parallel for iOS and Android to reach a broader target group.

01 – Simple rating to check the progress

02 – A daily reminder to eat healthy

03 – Blood pressure overview

04 – Intuitive way of measuring your blood pressure

05 – Forming a habit and tracking your goals

06 – Daily check-in

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