The Client

Vantis is a company that wants to make therapy accessible to patients with cardiovascular diseases, that can be started from anywhere. For this purpose, they have developed a therapy that is easy to integrate into everyday life. The aim is to improve the heart health of patients and to take them step by step on the path to a healthier heart.

The Challenge

Vantis wants to drastically improve the health of older people. This requires digital solutions that are also accepted and used by the older generation. We had the opportunity to digitally support Vantis in their mission in different ways.

Our Solution

Together with Vantis we created an App for iOS and Android that is connected to measuring devices. Not only does the app preventatively reduce the risk of high blood pressure it also tracks and monitors their health conditions as well as medication.

The Results

The result is a powerful mobile app with a super intuitive interface that elderly people are not afraid to use. Together with Vantis we created an outstanding solution to support people in their daily life.

Maximilian Roedel

"With Vantis, we want to help cardiovascular patients achieve a better quality of life. Our solution is a digital therapy extension that uses a smart mobile app and compatible measuring devices to monitor patients' health. We worked with MVST to implement our complex app requirements. We are very happy with the result and the cooperation and hope that we can help many patients with it."

Maximilian Roedel

Co-Founder at Vantis GmbH

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