The Client

Twenty One Skills accompanies universities and research institutions on their way into the future. They have a wide range of analogue and digital learning formats at their disposal that are specially designed for the requirements of scientists.

The Challenge

In order to provide the online learning offer, a scalable platform for the learning offer has to be developed. Therefore, we were commissioned with a project that includes the product strategy, the design and the development of the brand new solution.

Our Solution

For the development of the product, we further elaborated the ideas and conceptions of the team within several workshops and worked out the user story as well as the design system. Together, we focused on a flexible, mobile-optimised application. The design system is intuitive and fits perfectly into the brand image.

The Results

The result is a web-based learning platform that can be accessed and used from anywhere. When developing the product, we made sure that it is quickly expandable and maintainable, so that the app can grow with the company.

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Conditorei MΓΌnchner Freiheit, Munich πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ

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