The Client

Saxenhammer is a team of experienced professionals that has been successfully managing transactions for the last two decades. Saxenhammer offers a range of services across the transaction spectrum, always optimizing and simplifying the components of their clients' deals.

The Challenge

Saxenhammer is a rapidly growing and expanding company. Therefore, marketing materials and other resources need to be adapted to the growth. For this reason, we were asked by the team to create and develop an exceptional website that is completely scalable and tailormade.

Our Solution

Together we worked on the vision and goals of the website and talked about the first design ideas. We quickly realised: Saxenhammer does not want a boring website, but an exciting digital product that is fascinating but also informative. For this reason, we created a complex newsgrid and developed a feature that allows visitors to learn more about previous transactions. Of course, with the help of beautiful designs and animations, we have created a small work of art embedded in a robust technical backbone.

The Results

The result is a unique online presence with charm and a beautiful UI and smart UX. The product is totally scaleable and therefore made to grow and change with the brand. It was great to create this product with the Saxenhammer team!

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Maxview, King's Lynn πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

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