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The Client

nu:lab is a brand by Procomcure Biotech, a multimodal diagnostics company specialized in digital health products. In the past years, they were on a mission to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Challenge

To enable a safe Covid-19 test, nu:lab wanted a software, that would represent the process from testing to the transmission of the results in one application. To be further developed, the app had to be very scalable.

Our Solution

Teamwork makes the dream work! Together with our partner Integr8 we developed and designed a clear interface by providing the best user interface, that is intuitive, simple and flexible.

The Results

This powerful software is used for booking and evaluating samples in over 10 test centers, kindergardens and more. Due to the flexibility of nu:lab, other products can be integrated into the infrastructure of the app and the features can be expanded.

Leif RΓΆnfeldt

"With MVST, we have built nu:lab, a product that allows people to run and analyse PCR tests safely and easily in times of the Covid-19 pandemic. In the meantime, we also use the software to support many test centres with booking and test processing - everything works in a simple and well-organised way!"

Leif RΓΆnfeldt

Head of Marketing & Business Development at Procomcure Biotech GmbH

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