The Client

Mentessa is a startup from Munich, providing the #1 remote platform - for mentoring and innovation communities, agile organisations and social brands. The platform helps to engage communities with intelligent matching and automation, focusing on skills not content.

The Challenge

To ensure that communities love to use the platform, Mentessa wanted to give their product a design that is intuitive, beautiful and functional. At that time, they called us!

Our Solution

In order to meet all the requirements, we took a close look at issues such as user experience and features. It was especially important to us that every user immediately understands how the application works. To integrate the user stories we conducted many interviews to identify the optimal user navigation.

The Results

Together with the Mentessa team we created a customizable web application for customers and employees, that enables effective matchmaking. The fresh design of the solution enables communities to contact, engage and work together in an intuitive way.

Dr. Tina Ruseva

β€œDie MVST GmbH hat unserem Businesskonzept fΓΌr Mentessa mit ihrer UX Expertise den letzten Schliff verpasst! Die fertige Anwendung ist eine Plattform um Teams und Netzwerke zu verbinden - ganz einfach remote.”

Dr. Tina Ruseva

GrΓΌnderin & CEO bei Mentessa

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Nu:lab, Winsen πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ

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