The Client

The website is usually the first point of contact with a company and helps to increase business visibility and reach more customers online. MyWEBSITE, a product by the swiss based company localsearch (and owned by Swisscom), wanted to provide a custom-build and professional website to everyone.

The Challenge

Localsearch wanted to have a product where companies could quickly and easily create a professional and personalized website without having any previous knowledge in design or development. That's why we were commissioned with a project to develop and design the tool.

Our Solution

The requirements for the product were a high-quality website and a short time needed for its creation. In order to ensure usability for everyone, we placed special emphasis on a clear user interface, intuitive processes and a suitable user story when creating the cloud-based application. By answering questions about the industry or the desired colors, we were able to shorten the duration of the creation process and increase product personalization!

The Results

With MyWebsite we developed a website builder that is designed to make it as easy as possible for local businesses to build a web presence. The creation is also possible for people without design and developer expertise. Through an intuitive onboarding flow the whole website creation is completely automated.

Tobias Rickmann

"MyLocalina is a software that allows restaurant operators to manage their reservations. MVST has implemented a new design system to improve the user experience. The collaboration with Swisscom was fantastic!"

Tobias Rickmann

Fullstack Developer at MVST

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Mentessa, Munich πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ

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