The Client

Global Savings Group (GSG) is Europe’s largest shopping rewards company with an international footprint in more than 20 markets. They provide people with access to the best savings, cashback, deals, product inspiration, and reviews, offering them the opportunity to save money all while continuing to enjoy their usual shopping experience.

The Challenge

GSG wants to continuously improve its services and always offer its customers the best possible shopping experience. For this reason, we were commissioned with design optimisations. The redesign focused in particular on the user navigation.

Our Solution

To improve the customer experience, we first conducted many user tests and workshops to identify current problems on the partner websites. Afterwards, our design team optimised the user stories and adapted the navigation. By implementing a new design system, we were able to set the basis for the optimisation of further partner pages.

The Results

Together we were able to polish the shopping experience for all customers on the partner pages and create a new basis for all further projects.

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Weezy, London πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

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