Supports your day-to-day operations of being a freelancer.

Supports your day-to-day operations of being a freelancer.

The need.

Scratching our itch

The frustrations of freelancing while working with giant corporations and tech startups. While tedious paperwork can be a problem for freelancers, tracking assignments can be a pain point for companies.

Our solution.

Freelancer Management System

A mobile-first attitude ensures a smooth transaction between companies and freelancers. Tools and documents, like invoices and time tracking, are centralized into one, accessible platform.

React native as our weapon

Mobile-first in a digital world is an absolute must. We made use of our weapon of choice to deliver the best possible mobile experience for both platforms iOS and Android.

Apple features

Continuous features on the AppStore frontpage are proof for us that the user experience and visual design are on the highest level possible. Thats what we strive for.

01 – Simply check and approach freelancers from our App

02 – Overview of all your tasks for a company

03 - Always in your pocket

04 – Transition to the web while everything is in sync

05 – All the info you need

So far over 10,000 Freelancers have connected with Freework all over the world.

06 – Simple and efficient timesheet

07 – All pro features at a glance

08 – Expand your network by simply inviting friends

09 – Send invoices directly via the App

The results in numbers

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