Fraunhofer Ahead

Empowering Hightech Ventures.

Empowering Hightech Ventures.

The need.

Manage and streamline processes

As one of Europe’s premier technology transfer programs, they invest their passion for science into a new generation of deep tech entrepreneurs. Managing the roughly 60 teams that start each quarter and streamline the process is one of the main challenges.

Our solution.

A digital ecosystem

We started by assessing their current process and needs for a digital ecosystem to support their international entrepreneurship. With a total of 200 new founders joining each year, we needed to create a tool that is simple to use but also serves the complex functionalities that come with deep tech entrepreneurship.

From idea to launch

From idea to launch it only took us three months to get the platform of the ground. We worked iteratively to get the necessary functionality out first while maintaining a high standard in both design and usability.

Giving the user the power

The tool is all about giving the user the right tools to succeed with his business idea. From Booking workshops, checking out coaches and looking at potential cofounders all within the same app.

01 - A list of all active teams

02 - Detailed view of each team

03 - A list of coaches that help to elevate your business

Over 100 Founders, Teams and Workshops have already been created.

04 - Overview of all events

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