The Client

Fraunhofer is the largest organisation for research and development services in Europe, headquartered in Munich. The association consists of 74 institutes, which all have their own focus but also collaborate on projects.

The Challenge

Fraunhofer wants to create a marketplace to connect business and research more closely. The purpose of this portal is to make research projects more easily accessible to the business community. Furthermore, Fraunhofer also wants to be able to respond to individual requirements from industry in a more streamlined way.

Our Solution

Together with the Fraunhofer team, we held various workshops to understand the exact problems, requirements and visions. On this basis, we defined and created both user stories and design systems. Since the system is intended to be used by two different stakeholders, we have paid special attention to user-friendliness.

The Results

Within our long-term project we are building a custom solution that meets all requirements. The result should significantly simplify the collaboration processes for Fraunhofer employees as well as for customers from the industry.

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Qur, Munich πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ

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