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The Client

ecoplanet is a tech company that has the goal to help medium-sized companies save energy and money. How is this provided? Integrating smart meter data, the ecoplanet B2B energy platform secures optimized consumption at best-in-class cost. On-site consumption is minimized via auto-generated optimization measures (quick fixes) and automated consumer control. This is paired with AI-based procurement, tailored to companies’ individual consumption characteristics.

The Challenge

Everyone should be able to make their contribution to saving valuable energy resources and be part of a more sustainable future. SMEs can help reduce their energy consumption in real time, plan renewable energy investments in a roadmap and explore options for suitable financing. To achieve these great goals, ecoplanet needed a fully functional MVP website with several brand defining features included to showcase to prospective investors.

Our Solution

In delivering the MVP, we designed and built several features such as the Cockpit, Projects, Daily energy reports and others. With this MVP, users will be able to reduce energy consumption, automate their reporting, organize financing and promotion of sustainable energy, and much more. And - of course - all framed with a beautiful and fitting design!

The Results

We provided a complete MVP with several features that were successfully showcased to prospective investors. We are super happy with the outcome and ecoplanet’s services are more appealing and easier to perceive than ever before!

Maximilian Dekorsy

"The concept of ecoplanet is to make life easier and more sustainable while saving money! MVST took these values to heart, designed our website exactly as we wanted it and delivered all the important features! The end result will for sure drive our business forward. Thank you MVST!”

Maximilian Dekorsy

Co-Founder at ecoplanet

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