The Client

CinchBuild is a digital design and simulation platform that validates construction design and performance by unifying the world’s most cutting-edge building science software, data science and computing resources in a single, integrated toolkit.

The Challenge

CinchBuild's mission is to bring together the most advanced building science software and store data and reports centrally in one place. To bring all the data together, you need a place where it can be collected and analyzed: a platform.

Our Solution

In order to bundle the different programs in one place we have developed the strong front-end of the cloud-based platform. This platform is the base of CinchBuild, as it is the interface to the other application. Besides customizability and high resilience, it was also important to guide the user well through the application.

The Results

In addition to creating and designing the custom app, we also tackled the company's web presence and integrated a great new design system to match the brand’s identity. The results: a strong product, a crisp website and a consistent brand identity!

David Pursiano

“With Cinchbuild we realized a platform to unite the world's best building software - in one tool! The MVST team helped us by developing and designing theUI/UX solution from scratch. We look forward to providing the whole building sector a new solution to support their daily business.”

David Pursiano

CFO at Cinch Building Sciences

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Alaiko, Munich 🇩🇪

Alaiko, Munich 🇩🇪

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