Turns your phone into a powerful car assisitant.

Turns your phone into a powerful car assisitant.

The need.

Overhaul of the web product.

Moving from a fully native app approach to a more open and broader web approach. Carly contacted us to revamp their website stile and deliver the first solution for the web application.

Our solution.

Mobile-first web application

Together with the marketing team, we worked extensively on overhauling the website and give it a new crisp look. With the new Carly mobile-first web application we want to give car owners an easier entry to the product world of Carly.

Collaboration across different departments

Working extensively with the marketing team on the website as well as making sure that the web product is aligned with the mobile applications was key in this project.

Close feedback loops & iterations

With the Carly team so involved we had lots of opportunities to test and learn with real users. Therefore we worked in small feedback loops & iterations to ensure the best product possible.

01 - A streamlined website to showcase Carlys power

02 - Beautiful on web and mobile

03 – Brand Pages for car lovers

04 – All the functions for your car at a glance

05 – Check if your car is compatible with Carly

06 – Register to get the full power of Carly

Working closely with the marketing team and product team to ensure a consistent usability trough the web and mobile app was key.

07 – Hey, what do you drive?

08 - Checkout directly on your phone

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