The Client

Bidi is an innovative virtual tutoring platform where each student's individual potential is revealed and nurtured. Tutoring sessions can be arranged with different teachers - simple, flexible and individual. To get the maximum benefit out of bidi, they contacted us for a project.

The Challenge

Thereโ€™s nothing quite like in-person tutoring sessions to ensure a holistic learning experience. So why limit this experience to a few tutors when you can reach out to the best teachers across the world? We were asked to help step up the product design.

Our Solution

When the Bidi team entrusted us with the job of upgrading the platform, we sat down with them to understand the requirements and decide on the best way forward. We developed the features while incorporating the learnings of the old platform. The result was a brand new look and feel for the product with enhanced functionalities that matched everyoneโ€™s vision.

The Results

With our integrated development team, we managed to go live with the new design of the platform in less than two months. This experience has not only transformed the product but also our collaborative outlook. Since then we have enjoyed a close relationship with the bidi team and we continue to support them in all kinds of development, design & product strategy. While designing and building the new product we have always focused on rendering a personal experience for both the tutor and the learner. Bidi ensures you get the 1:1 experience for your online tutoring sessions, if not better.

Christian Bohner

"Bei der Entwicklung unserer digitalen Nachhilfe-Plattform bidi hat uns MVST bei Konzept, Design und Umsetzung hervorragend unterstรผtzt - jetzt finden Eltern, Schรผler*innen und Nachhilfelehrer*innen auf bidi.one perfekt zusammen.โ€

Christian Bohner

Co-Founder & CEO bei Bidi

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