Your one-stop solution for everything fulfillment.

Your one-stop solution for everything fulfillment.

The need.

Affordable shipping

In a world where big players like Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba are dictating prices, the smaller sellers are often left out. Alaiko wants to change that by providing an easy and affordable fulfillment solution for everyone.

Our solution.

A digital fulfillment solution

Together with the Alaiko team we turned their first ideas into a well thought through design system and user interface design. While always focusing on our target user group.

Simple onboarding

With both digital and nondigital users we set out to create a simple yet detailed onboarding process. Onboarding the users and guiding them in a complex product is the key to its success.

Clear design

We tried many different styles together with the Alaiko team. In the end, we opted for a trustful blue with a lot of whitespaces to create a clean yet friendly space for our users.

01 - A comprehensive list of all your products and stocks

02 - Order detail with all needed information

03 – Keep the overview

04 – Illustrations to guide the user

Over 1M Packages have been sent with Alaiko all over the world.

05 – Update edit & sync product information

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