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The Client

Alaiko loves to empower e-commerce companies! Online retailers will have fantastic experiences with a logistics-as-a-service platform that meets the highest customer expectations.

The Challenge

In a world where big players like Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba are dictating prices, the smaller sellers are often left out. Alaiko wants to change that and we helped them with their UI/UX Design.

Our Solution

Together with the Alaiko team we turned their first ideas into a strong product! Because we are very design-focused, it was fun to provide them a beautiful UI and UX .

The Results

To ensure user centricity we were always focusing on the target group while building the product. In the end, we opted for a trustful blue with a lot of whitespaces to create a clean yet friendly space for users.

Gabriel Thomalla

"With MVST we have realized THE all-in-one solution for all processes in fulfillment. With Alaiko we help fast growing companies to simplify, streamline and improve all logistic processes like shipping and warehousing. Together with the expertise of the team at MVST, we were able to create this powerful product, saving our customers a lot of time and organizational effort."

Gabriel Thomalla

Founder & CPO at Alaiko

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