A place for every talent.

Share an idea and watch it succeed.

Share an idea and watch it succeed.

Our Drive

We live by values that you will find reflected in the way we work and the results we chase. Our goals and objectives are shaped by the ideals that MVST stands for. We acknowledge that a successful product is inextricably connected to a strong internal culture.





Why do I love to work at MVST?

“What’s not to love about a company that is future-forward, employee-obsessed and is on a constant journey to nurture talent? MVSTers are always on the lookout to learn new things and try new ideas. We believe growth follows the path of continuous improvement. If you think that’s an impressive company profile, allow us to excite you further.”

Our Benefits

Flat Hierarchy and Ownership Over Work

Our flat organizational structure will give you the opportunity for enhanced visibility and accelerated work process. We’ll inspire you to do things on your own, launch your own projects, create astonishing designs, connect without frontiers. We encourage imagination to take the centre stage.

Team Events

It is very important for us to get to know each other better. To that end, we plan team activities every month which often include trips to Switzerland, Bavarian Alps and lakes around Munich.

Comfy Office Space in the Heart of Munich

Not so long ago, our current office space was a traditional Bavarian bakery. While redesigning it for our company, we have tried to retain that warmth. Our interiors are lined with white walls and furniture with matching upholstery. Our potted friends add to the greenery and create an ambience of serenity. Our office is powered with the best equipment, Apple being the service of our choice.

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Servus, nein, oder nur ein Bissi? To help you order a Mas (one litre of beer), at the Oktoberfest or the Biergarden, we offer you German courses for free. Before you know it, you will start greeting us like a local!

Flexible Working Hours

Do you wanna stay at home and work-from-home? Or maybe work in different shifts? Early risers or night owls - we have got you covered.

Free Beer, Coffee, Tea and Snacks

Every Friday after a hard week of designing and nailing new projects you will always find your calendar booked for beer and ‘quatschten’, a German way to say “chat”. Feel free to have coffee, tea and snacks every time you want.

Application Process

Our application process aims at understanding how well your goals align with the company goals – whether it is your personality, your expertise, or more importantly your passion for digital product design - to offer you a position that best matches your skillset. Our recruitment process is also a chance for you to meet most of our team leaders and understand how we work.

First Telephone Interview

Gain initial and first-hand insights about MVST from a telephone round with our HR team.

Professional Interview

This is your chance to convince us that you are the best candidate for the role and impress your future team leader with your expertise. Bring along your portfolio and other documents which showcase your skills.

One Practice Day @MVST

The final round of our recruitment process is also when you get to live the MVST experience. As part of the recruitment process, we will invite you to spend a day at MVST to give you a taste of the future challenges and answer all your queries regarding how we work. Your final assessment will be based on an in-office task on the practice day.

Not the Right Job?

At MVST, we value motivation and creativity. So don’t be disappointed if you don’t find the perfect opening for yourself right now. Send us your CV along with the motivation letter. We will get back as soon as we have something for you.