Your Single-Stop for Modern Day Digital Needs.

We create and find digital solutions to take care of your problems, so that you don’t have to.

We create and find digital solutions to take care of your problems, so that you don’t have to.

Our Purpose

MVST cares deeply about modern consumer needs. We are on a mission to empower companies by building them products and services that are ground-breaking. Our commitment towards quality and sustainability reflects in everything that we do - be it our pursuit of innovative design, cutting edge technology, or progressive ways of working!

Never a dull moment - we don’t just work, we have fun while doing it. We’re here to enjoy the journey and build relationships.

Meet Our Team & Leadership

We are a bunch of digital enthusiasts who are constantly trying to identify your problems and offer apt solutions. Technology is at the heart of the disruptive economy, and we are here to help you benefit from it. Our solutions are tailored to solve problems, communicate better and be the best in your business. In the process we also want to create moments of joy, discovery and delight to make these experiences memorable for you.

Niklas Rickmann


With numerous years of experience in digital services, Niklas oversees the vision of the company. He is always on the lookout for new ways to understand customer needs and offer solutions. A visionary thinker, Niklas brings a pragmatic approach to the business which helps us drive innovation.

Philipp Klaus


An expert in digital design, Philipp shapes the digital product experience at MVST. With a phenomenal body of work to showcase, Philipp believes in letting the product talk. Whether it is the product experience or the brand itself, nothing escapes his meticulous glance, helping us build a brand which you can relate to.

Our Office

We are located at the center of the beautiful city of Munich in Bavaria, Germany. Our office is quite quaint, considering it was a traditional bavarian bakery once which we transformed into a vibrant work space. Does it reflect our personality? Well, you could say! Come visit us for coffee and take a tour of our services.

Our Social Responsibility

We value sharing and supporting, especially since we’ve had our share of struggle. With that in mind, we try to give back to the community in our own humble ways. Each year, we dedicate a certain amount of our revenue for social causes.

Got a Project?

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